Sang v. Clark

Plaintiffs, individually and as personal representatives of Makamae Ah Mook Sang's estate, filed a negligence action against defendants after Makamae died of acute alcohol intoxication after attending a party at defendants' home. At issue was whether a social host who invited a minor onto his or her property and then directly served to the minor owed a duty of care to prevent foreseeable injuries resulting from consumption of the alcohol, or to render or summon aid if injuries have occurred, while the minor remained on the property as a guest. The court held that a social host in the circumstances presented in this case owed a duty of care to a minor when the host has placed the minor in a position of peril and did not act to prevent foreseeable harm to the minor that could thereby result, and when the host did not act to aid the minor in the event that harm had occurred. Accordingly, the court vacated the circuit court's order and judgment, remanding for further proceedings. View "Sang v. Clark" on Justia Law