Jou v. Argonaut Ins. Co.

These appeals stemmed from an action Plaintiff filed against Hawaii Employers Medical Insurance Company (HEMIC) and others. Plaintiff eventually filed separate appeals regarding two orders of the circuit court granting motions in favor of HEMIC. The intermediate court of appeals (ICA) vacated one order but denied Plaintiff’s request for appellate costs related to the appeal of that order. The Supreme Court vacated the judgment of the ICA pertaining to its denial of appellate costs and awarded costs in favor of Plaintiff in the amount of $628, holding (1) the ICA applied an erroneous legal standard in denying costs; and (2) because Plaintiff was the prevailing party on the disputed issue on appeal, he was eligible for an award of costs related to the appeal. View "Jou v. Argonaut Ins. Co." on Justia Law