Fleming v. Sanders Lead Company, Inc.

In November 2010, Rodney Williams and Elmer Fleming were employed at KW Plastics Recycling Division, LLP (KWPRD). Williams was employed as a supervisor in the shipping department, and Elmer was training to become a shipping supervisor. KWPRD shipped recycled-resin pellets in tanker-trailers hauled by semi-tractors. Williams was killed and Fleming suffered permanent traumatic brain injury when the two men were run over by the tanker-trailer. Fleming, by and through his wife and guardian, and Williams’ family, appealed the grant of summary judgment in favor of Sanders Lead Company, Inc., Roy Baggett, and Donnie Glover on the plaintiffs' claims alleging that they "affirmatively undertook [a duty] to inspect for, identify and provide remedies to correct jobsite safety hazards" on KWPRD’s premises, and that the defendants negligently and wantonly performed the undertaken duty to inspect. After review, the Supreme Court found that defendants' summary-judgment motion failed to challenge the existence of evidence establishing the element of proximate causation as to the wrongful-inspection claims and, therefore, did not support the summary judgment, which was expressly grounded on the lack of evidence establishing the element of proximate causation as to the plaintiffs' wrongful-inspection claims. The Court reversed the summary judgment in favor of the defendants on the plaintiffs' wrongful-inspection claims in these consolidated appeals and remanded for further proceedings. View "Fleming v. Sanders Lead Company, Inc." on Justia Law