Huang v. The Bicycle Casino

Plaintiff filed suit for negligence after she was injured boarding a shuttle bus provided by Bicycle Casino. Plaintiff alleged that Bicycle Casino was a common carrier and had a duty and responsibility to ensure the safety and security of its patrons who took the shuttle bus. The trial court entered judgment for Bicycle Casino. The court concluded that the trial court erred in holding Bicycle Casino was not a common carrier as a matter of law, as there is a triable issue of material fact on the point. The court also concluded that, even if the casino were a private carrier owing only a duty of ordinary care, there was no basis for establishing a “no duty” rule in this case. Finally, the court held that Bicycle Casino was not entitled to summary judgment on causation grounds where the trial court did not reach this issue in light of its holding on the lack of duty. Accordingly, the court reversed the judgment. View "Huang v. The Bicycle Casino" on Justia Law